Henbury is a coordinated range of leisure clothing for the Corporate, Promotional and Workwear markets. Selling solely through specialist Distributors throughout Europe, we are one of the key players in the supply clothing market today.

Our extensive range of products has key design features that set them apart from the rest. Our Polo Shirts all have the exclusive Henbury “Stand Up Collar” ensuring quality of wear and only the very best yarns are used in manufacturing, giving a luxurious feel to all the garments. We pride ourselves on our innovative design and fabric development, creating quality and value in our range.

We trust you will enjoy wearing Henbury as much as we enjoy creating it.


We work with the very highest level of manufacturers, developing strong partnerships throughout the world. All our manufacturing locations are inspected every day by our local representatives ensuring that working conditions are to the very highest standard, and that the working hours do not exceed local government criteria with no child or enforced labour. We are also working with local charities to give back to the countries who have given us so much support through the years, something we at Henbury feel very strongly and passionately about and this is what makes Henbury the company it is today, a forward thinking, caring and devoted organisation.


Click here for a detailed list of terms and conditions for all the Henbury brands. If you have any questions or need further information in regards to the T&C’s just get in touch with us at enquiries@henbury.com.